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Sports Massage
Abbeville Road Clapham SW4

Whether you are training for an event, or just need to de-stress and unwind, we can help ease your tired muscles.
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Sports Massage
Abbeville Road Clapham SW4

Whether you are training for an event, have picked up a niggle, have a more long-term injury or are looking for ongoing maintenance our highly trained Sports Massage Therapists will collaborate with you, whatever your goals.
Our therapists work in conjunction with our Personal Trainers to ensure that we supply a treatment plan that is right for you. This circle of care ensures that you have your own team, all working together to help you.

Muscle Recovery

Whether you are training for an event or simply hit the gym a bit too hard, Sports Massage will aid your muscles recovery and have you back to it in no time at all!

De-stress & Unwind

Relieve stress and unwind. Stretching and spreading muscle fibres helps to ease and relax your muscles, increases movement and reduces stress.

Muscular Fatigue

Sports Massage is great for relaxation, easing aches and pains as well as preventing muscular fatigue. A combination of techniques will help to restore your body's balance.

Improve your Mood

Relaxing and releasing muscular tension through Sports Massage will restore your body's balance, promote better quality sleep and help to improve your overall mood.

Ease Your Tired Muscles with Sports Massage Therapy

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You Are In Safe Hands

Our Sports Massage therapist Laura will use a range of techniques to help ease your muscles, including soft-tissue manipulation, myofascial release, and dry-needling - all of which will help to ease your symptoms and aid muscle recovery.

Loic Lefevre Sports Therapist

Originally from France, Loic is a Sports Therapist with a passion for sports which pushed him to study in the USA. For the last couple of years Loic has been involved in both professional and amateur sports, where he has had the chance to work on several international sporting events (Boston / London / Brighton Marathons) and travelling around Europe working on cycling events and training camps. Loic combines a range of techniques when treating patients, including sports massage, medical…

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Nordic Balance Abbeville offers 30, 45, 60- and 90-minute Sports Massage treatments, all of which can be booked online at your convenience or if you would like to contact us first, please do so via the form below.

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