Rambod Shahreza

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Rambod is a Canadian MSK Sports Therapist with a Master’s degree and a rich background in sports massage therapy. He combines his love for sports, movement, and an enhanced day-to-day quality of life with a deep understanding of the science that underpins these areas.

A physiology technician at London Metropolitan University, Rambods’s extensive knowledge of human physiology and commitment to evidence-based treatments shape his approach to therapy. He ensures that each treatment is tailored to meet the unique conditions necessary for optimal functionality.

With professional experience in the UK and Canada, Rambod has developed a versatile skill set that enables him to effectively address a wide range of patient concerns, be they acute or chronic injuries, athletic performance enhancement, or general wellbeing.

He has consistently delivered immediate and sustained results, particularly in treating spinal issues across the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions. His clients often experience significant relief, entering his clinic with lumbar pain and leaving with greatly reduced discomfort, able to walk upright nearly pain-free.

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More About Sports Therapist Rambod

Sports Therapist Rambod firmly believes that movement is medicine. This philosophy is central to his approach to every client, aiming to empower them and foster optimism for their recovery and improvement.

Whether you aim to enhance your performance at the local sports club, overcome persistent pain, or move more comfortably in your daily activities, Rambod provides the tools and hands-on treatment needed to achieve these outcomes. He is committed to helping clients succeed, regardless of age, occupation, or specific health challenges.

In his practice, Rambod dedicates additional time to educating his clients on preventative care, enabling them to maintain their health independently over the long term. As a holistic personal trainer and therapist, his ultimate aim is to assist people in reducing pain, improving their self-perception, and achieving their personal health goals.


  • Master’s degree in Sports Therapy
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from York University, Canada
  • Qualified Personal Trainer, with NSCA

Professional Bodies

Society of Sports Therapist
National Strength and Conditioning Association


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