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Our range of natural therapies in Clapham provides non-invasive and holistic relief from pain and discomfort, targeting a variety of typical injuries. From sports-related sprains and strains to back pain, fractures, tendonitis, bursitis, and even common musculoskeletal conditions like osteoarthritis, our treatments offer effective solutions. Explore our full range of treatment options to discover how we can help you find relief and restore your well-being naturally.

Our multi-disciplinary approach combines physiotherapy, chiropractic care, osteopathy, sports massage, podiatry, dry needling, shockwave therapy and women's pelvic health treatments to offer holistic and personalised care. We understand the impact injuries and conditions can have on your daily life, and our goal is to help you recover, regain mobility, and achieve optimal wellbeing.

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Integrated Approach

Nordic Balance offers an integrated approach to health and wellness. Our Therapists and Physicians will work with you from acute injury through to exercise rehabilitation.

Highly Experienced

Our Therapists have a wealth of experience. From rehabilitating professional athletes and climbers to supporting those suffering acute injury and chronic pain.

Fully Accredited

All of our Therapists are fully accredited by governing bodies and are committed to providing a professional and reliable therapeutic service to all patients.

Insurance Approved

Are you covered? We work with all major UK Health Insurance companies including Bupa, AXA-PPP, Aviva, Allianz, Cigna, WPA, Vitality, EMR and more!

Ali O’Loughlin

Meet receptionist Ali O'Loughlin - not only is she an experienced and passionate receptionist in the health and fitness industry, but she's also a sweet and caring mother of two. With a career built on providing top-notch customer service, Ali is dedicated to making sure every client feels welcome and supported. When she's not busy at work, Ali loves to stay active by cycling around town with friends. And as a health-conscious mom, she's always whipping up delicious yet healthy…

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Loic Lefevre

Originally from France, Sports Therapist Loic Lefevre has a passion for all things sports-related. A certified and highly experienced Sports Therapist, Loic is particularly adept at managing symptoms of pain and stiffness brought on by physical overexertion. After studying in the USA Loic moved to the UK. Now based in our Clapham clinic, Loic has been with us for many years and is loved by his clients. His treatments centre around manual therapy techniques such as Sports Massage, Acupuncture/Dry Needling,…

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Beth Chadwick

Beth graduated from the University of Birmingham with a 1st class BSc Honours degree in Physiotherapy. Since graduating, Beth has worked in various NHS hospitals in Birmingham, Manchester and London, as well as in private practice, supporting patients in returning to the level of health and well-being that they aspire to. Beth has completed a wide range of rotations within musculoskeletal health. This has included occupational health physiotherapy for work-related injuries and repetitive strain injuries, and this has given her…

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Denise Souttsoglou

Having been raised and educated in different cultures, Denise has a big interest in people, encouraging positive communication always. After working as a Team Administrator and Customer Service Specialist in Greece, Denise moved to London in 2017 to pursue further her education. She completed her master’s degree in fine arts and continued with a Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design. She believes that communication is a form of art and needs to be gentle and caring. She loves to help people,…

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Dimitris Polyviou

Physiotherapist Dimitris Polyviou was born in Greece and later graduated in 2014 from the University of East London. Since then, Dimitris has worked in private practice, hospitals and for four years with Greek football clubs, mainly based in Greece and London. He has found the best outcomes result from treatment focused on manual therapy (Mulligan's concept), acupuncture and exercise. Dimitris's focus is unwaveringly on the needs of his patients. Inspired by the idea of helping people overcome pain and injury…

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Anna Lees

Anna Lees is a dedicated Clapham-based physiotherapist specialising in neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy and women’s health. Specialised in spinal problems, acute and chronic pain, headaches, TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorders), and shoulder issues, Anna is highly skilled in manual therapy and offers a comprehensive range of treatments, including post-operative rehabilitation and sports injury management. Anna’s expertise expands to women’s health physiotherapy, where she provides specialised treatments for a variety of conditions, including period pain, pregnancy-related pain, diastasis recti, incontinence (both urinary and anal), sexual discomfort…

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John Conradi

Meet John Conradi. In his role as our reception team manager, John loves the opportunity to learn more about the different therapies offered at Nordic Balance and the various but complementary approaches to treating the human body. John especially enjoys the theoretical side of things, such as the rationale behind the various therapies and treatments at Nordic Balance, and loves seeing the practical effects of theory. At Nordic Balance, John gets to see the full process, from theory to practice,…

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Marco Antonetto

Osteopath Marco Antonetto provides the highest quality of care to his patients. Since his young years, Marco has been drawn to caring for people and the research of excellence in everything he does. The healing arts have run in Marcos's family for a long time. Marco embraced Osteopathic Philosophy and graduated in Italy before obtaining a 1st Class Honorsmaster'ss degree in osteopathic medicine at Kingston University in 2017. He graduated from the International College Of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) in Italy and…

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Michael Perrier

Meet Michael Perrier, a physiotherapist in Clapham. With a rich background as a professional footballer in Switzerland for 14 years, Michael transitioned his passion for sports into a thriving career in physiotherapy. In 2022, he earned his BSc in Physiotherapy, equipping him with the expertise to address musculoskeletal concerns and support clients in their journey to optimal well-being. Drawing from his extensive experience, physio Michael has honed his skills in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal issues across diverse age…

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Dimitra Karyoti

MSK Physiotherapist Dimitra Karyoti specialises in treating sports injuries, pre-and post-operative patients, and chronic pain.  Born in Greece, Dimitra graduated from the University of East London International program with a First-Class Honors degree. During this time, she also completed various clinical placements, from musculoskeletal outpatients to neurological and cardio-respiratory inpatients.  She moved to the UK in 2020 after being offered a physiotherapist role in the medico-legal sector. Here provided therapies to patients who suffered from acute injuries such as whiplash, muscle…

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Choose from a Wide Range of Natural Therapies to Ease Chronic or Acute Pain and Injury

Back pain, knee pain, neck pain - these are just some of the common complaints our therapists at Nordic Balance hear on a daily basis. But what many people don't realize is that relief is often just a phone call away.

Our therapists are available six days a week to provide relief from chronic or acute pain, and we offer customized treatment plans based on what works best for each individual. With a wide range of natural therapies, we're sure to have the perfect solution for your needs.

We also work with a variety of health insurance companies, and we can help you get the coverage you need to get started on the road to recovery.

Don't wait - call us today and let us help you get back to living pain-free.


Nordic Balance Physiotherapy can play an integral part in the prevention and management of all sports and day-to-day injuries.

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Nordic Balance Osteopathy can treat a variety of conditions including neck or back pain, joint or muscular pain, sports injuries, recurring headaches and more.

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Our Chiropractor, Dr Paul Carless has a wealth of experience dealing with clients from all walks of life- from professional athletes to those suffering from an acute injury.

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Sports Massage

Ease your tired muscles with our highly trained therapists. Whether you're training for an event, or just need to de-stress and unwind, we can help you.

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Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Shockwave Therapy is clinically proven to provide a 90% reduction in pain for a range of issues including Plantar Fascia, Shin Splints, Tennis Elbow & more.

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Women's Health

Women’s Health treatments conducted by expert therapists offers a range of specialised services entirely aimed at treating disorders of the pelvis and pelvic floor.

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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy is a gentle, safe, and relaxing therapy. Cranial Osteopathy focuses on the quality of the body tissues, and aims to address imbalances.

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If you are experiencing any toe, foot, ankle or lower limb pain, then it is likely you need to see a Podiatrist for assessment and diagnosis.

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