Assessment of Your Precious Newborn's Health

During your newborns check-up, your precious little one will be in the gentle and skilled hands of Julieann, our experienced Osteopath. With her expert touch, she performs a comprehensive review of your infant's wellbeing using a range of non-invasive techniques. Through delicate hands-on testing, Julieann meticulously evaluates your baby's muscles and joints, checking for any potential irregularities in their development. But that's not all - she goes above and beyond to ensure your child's complete health by assessing other essential body systems such as digestive, skin, respiratory, and reproductive functions. With a keen eye for detail and compassionate care, Julieann works diligently to give you the peace that your newborn's health is in perfect working order.

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A newborn checkup costs £110 and takes up to 1 hour.

Ensuring Optimal Health and Development of Your Newborn

Welcoming newborns into the world is an incredible experience, and ensuring their optimal health and development becomes a top priority. Osteopathy is a natural and effective solution to support your baby's overall wellbeing. This gentle and non-invasive practice focuses on rebalancing the body, addressing any structural imbalances that may have arisen during birth. By making sure your baby's bones, muscles, and nerves interact harmoniously, osteopathy can help alleviate common newborn issues like colic, reflux, and feeding difficulties. As a holistic approach, osteopathy targets specific areas of discomfort and seeks to improve your baby's overall health and development. With the help of a skilled osteopath, your precious newborn will be set on a path of strong and healthy growth, providing peace of mind to you as a loving parent.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

Our osteopath will support you with advice and thorough answers to your questions throughout your time with us, giving you complete peace of mind.

Natural & Gentle Assessment

The treatment is entirely natural and gentle. Using hands, our osteo will examine your baby and make gentle manipulations where necessary.

Whole Body Check-Up

A newborn check-up is a highly specialised review of your infant’s health, covering all of the body’s systems, muscles, joints, bones and primitive reflexes.

Family-Friendly Clinic

Our state of the art clinic in Clapham is conveniently located and offers appointments throughout the week, perfect for your family’s busy timetable.

Julieann Gillitt

Juliann Gillitt is a renowned Cranial Osteopath in London, specialising in craniosacral techniques. Her expertise in this field began after witnessing the distressing colic experienced by her first nephew, which sparked her interest in physical therapy. Determined to understand the underlying mechanics and provide relief, she pursued a Master's in Osteopathy at the prestigious British School of Osteopathy. As her passion for pediatric care grew, she furthered her knowledge with a postgraduate program at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, where…

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Newborn Osteopathy

Babies can’t tell us what is wrong. Julieann, our dedicated newborn osteopath, has worked with lactation consultants and midwives for many years. She has dedicated her career to using osteopathic treatments to address a wide range of health conditions affecting newborns.

During the session, she will preemptively identify any issues before they are allowed to advance, gently assessing everything from muscles, joints and bones too primitive reflexes, plus every system working within the body. If required, we can even assess your baby for any signs of tongue tie.

The assessment uses gentle, intuitive techniques to review your infant’s health without needing chemicals or distressing equipment.

At the end of the session, Julieann will advise you whether or not further treatment is appropriate. Then, if this is the case, she will work with you to create a treatment plan, supporting and advising you throughout the process.

Our Clapham-based osteopaths will work with your family one-to-one, ensuring you receive attentive and completely bespoke care.

Our holistic approach to care makes Nordic Balance unique. Our multidisciplinary team is a wealth of talent, with people from all disciplines closely collaborating. This way, we can give our patients access to knowledge and advice covering all bases.

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