Julieann Gillitt

Osteopath BSc (Hons), MOst, DPO, PGCE, Sports Dip Abbeville Road, Clapham SW4  | Call: 0208 922 0495

Juliann Gillitt is a renowned Cranial Osteopath in London, specialising in craniosacral techniques. Her expertise in this field began after witnessing the distressing colic experienced by her first nephew, which sparked her interest in physical therapy. Determined to understand the underlying mechanics and provide relief, she pursued a Master’s in Osteopathy at the prestigious British School of Osteopathy. As her passion for pediatric care grew, she furthered her knowledge with a postgraduate program at the Osteopathic Centre for Children, where she currently serves as a tutor and lecturer.

Juliann’s extensive education includes training in Cranial Osteopathy from the esteemed Sutherland Cranial College, visceral osteopathy through the Barral Institute, and biodynamic osteopathy via the Association of Traditional Osteopathic Studies. Additionally, she has focused on women’s peri- and post-partum health, enhancing her skills through the Mummy MOT program.

As a dedicated craniosacral osteopath, Juliann’s mission is to enhance the well-being of both infants and adults. Her primary focus is providing gentle yet effective treatments for various conditions, including osteopathy for baby reflux, colic, and juvenile headaches. She also extends her expertise to adults, offering relief for anxiety, snoring, chronic pain, and post-accident impairment. With her compassionate approach and exceptional knowledge, Juliann ensures that each patient receives personalised care at her clinic, promoting genuine healing and overall improvement.

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More About Cranial Osteopath Julieann Gillitt

Juliann’s profound understanding of biomechanics and the body’s intricate workings allows her to uncover the root causes of presenting conditions. While she welcomes patients of all ages, her current emphasis centres on babies, children, and women’s health. Of particular interest to her is the phenomenon of tongue-tie, and she collaborates closely with midwives and lactation consultants in this area. Currently, she is engaged in research alongside the Key Clinic and Rhythmic Movement Training International, exploring the role of movement in reintegrating primitive reflexes for children with learning and behavioural difficulties.

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  • Masters in Osteopathy
  • Postgraduate in Paediatrics
  • BSc (Hons), MOst, DPO, PGCE, Sports Dip

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Institute of Osteopathy

Osteopathic Centre for Children Alumni

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