John Conradi

Receptionist & Administrator Abbeville Road, SW4  | Call: 0208 922 0495

Meet John Conradi. In his role as our reception team manager, John loves the opportunity to learn more about the different therapies offered at Nordic Balance and the various but complementary approaches to treating the human body.

John especially enjoys the theoretical side of things, such as the rationale behind the various therapies and treatments at Nordic Balance, and loves seeing the practical effects of theory. At Nordic Balance, John gets to see the full process, from theory to practice, to the cure!

More About John

Originally from Australia, John has tried on a range of different industries, from retail to professional ballet and even jewellery manufacture.

Since moving to London in 2013 he started working in bars and restaurants as is traditional for any newbie Aussie in London.

Since 2017 John has been committed to a more coherent path and has been focused on studying. He completed his Diploma in Humanities and Social Sciences in 2018 and began his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and History the same year.

John likes to keep things organized because this frees up time to chat to patients while they’re waiting to be seen and keeps everyone relaxed. Always up for a chinwag, John really enjoys interacting with the people that come into the clinic and getting to know the local characters on Abbeville road.




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