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Women's Health Physiotherapy Abbeville Road Clapham

As part of our women's health physio services we offer a full and thorough post-natal assessment & treatment plan.
Book a post-natal assessment online with us today at Nordic Balance Abbeville Road, Clapham SW4.

Womens Health Physiotherapy
Abbeville Road Clapham SW4

Nordic Balance women’s health physiotherapy services includes a range of specialised services entirely aimed at treating pre and post-natal issues including disorders of the pelvis and pelvic floor. From incontinence to prolapse, pelvic pain or constipation, physiotherapy can help to alleviate symptoms often caused by childbirth.

Our Musculoskeletal and women’s health physiotherapist Farhana Sonday is expert in tackling postnatal problems. Using joint and soft tissue mobilisation, acupuncture, bespoke rehabilitation programs, postural correction and correction of movement dysfunctions, Farhana assesses patients in a holistic way to find the root of the problem and aims to restore function as well as reduce the risk of the injury recurring.

Depending on your symptoms initial assessments will begin with an examination of your abdominal muscles, pelvis, and lumbar spine. Internal examinations may also be required to assess the tone, strength and control of your pelvic floor muscles identifying any injury, scarring, prolapse, tenderness and sensitivity.

Restore pain-free movement and function of the joint and muscle systems using joint and soft tissue mobilisation, acupuncture, bespoke rehabilitation programs, postural correction and correction of movement dysfunctions.

At Nordic Balance our patients’ comfort and care are of the utmost importance to us. Feel confident in the knowledge that you are working with a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team who specialise in women’s health, pre-natal and post-natal care. We take pride in being a safe and private setting for women and women’s health concerns.

Womens Health Physio Specialists

From post-natal pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems to menopause, as part of our women's physiotherapy services, we offer a range of specialist treatments for physical aches including back & pelvic pains, pelvic floor physio, core strengthening, sleep & overall well being.

Post-Natal Physiotherapy MOT

After you’ve given birth, there will most likely be a degree of weakening of your pelvic floor muscles. Focusing on post-natal concerns, our post-natal physiotherapy MOT includes a thorough exam of your pelvic floor, pelvis, sacroiliac joint & lumbar spine, abdominals & scar tissue.

Pre & Post-natal Physiotherapy

Post-natal it may be necessary to undergo a series of re-alignments and exercises to strengthen the muscles to reduce & prevent further back pain. As part of our women's physio services, we will assist you in correcting any postural issues, recover your figure, improve circulation & breathing.

Health Insurance Approved

Are you covered by one of the UK’s major health insurance providers? Then it’s likely that you can reclaim the cost of your physiotherapy treatment back. Before booking please contact your provider to obtain a reference number from them and then call us on
0208 922 0495.

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Regain Control of Your Pelvis & Alleviate Discomfort
with a Postnatal MOT

Specialised in post & pre-natal physiotherapy we can help alleviate you from pelvic floor tightness & weakness, prolapse, pelvic girdle pain, incontinence, & tummy muscle separation. We will assess and offer tailored treatment plans to help you regain control and alleviate discomfort.

Book a Post-Natal Assessment Online. 

Pelvic Floor Exercises
& Internal Muscle Release

Pilates for Pregnancy
& Postnatal

Perineal and
Scar Massage


Caesarean Scar

Diastasis Rectus

Book a Postnatal MOT

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