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Meet Physiotherapist Kaylee Magrath, our energetic sports physiotherapist from Australia. With experience as the head physio for a major AFL Sports Club, Kaylee excels in treating sports injuries and guiding rehabilitation.

Kaylee’s approach to physiotherapy transcends traditional treatment; she believes in empowering clients through education and understanding their physical conditions. Her specialisation lies in the intricate care of lower limb conditions, including rehabilitating ACL injuries and meniscal tears and treating foot and ankle ailments like plantar fasciitis and calf strains.

What makes physio Kaylee’s method stand out is her commitment to a holistic treatment experience. She’s not just about addressing the immediate symptoms but also about equipping you with the knowledge and tools for long-term management and prevention of injuries. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone taking their first steps towards physical wellness, Kaylee’s bespoke injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies are crafted to align with your personal health objectives.

Her practice is rooted in ethical principles, ensuring transparency and your well-being as the core of every consultation. Kaylee’s infectious Australian charm ensures that every session is not only beneficial but also enjoyable.

Kaylee’s extensive qualifications include a Master of Physiotherapy, complemented by her roles as a strength & conditioning coach and Pilates instructor. Her services also extend to Sports Massage and Shockwave Therapy.

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More about Physiotherapist Kaylee Magrath

Physiotherapist Kaylee Magrath specialises in lower limb injuries, making her an invaluable asset for anyone dealing with issues ranging from ACL tears to plantar fasciitis. Her expertise doesn’t stop there; she also has a strong background in orthopaedic and fracture management, as well as musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. This makes her exceptionally well-rounded in treating a variety of physical ailments, from sports injuries to age-related injuries.

Her approach to patient care is rooted in education and empowerment. Kaylee believes understanding the ‘why’ behind your condition is the first step in effective treatment.

Kaylee’s approach is always tailored to the individual. After listening to your story and understanding your expectations, she collaborates with you to set achievable goals. Whether it’s manual therapy, targeted exercise, or a combination of both, Kaylee ensures that your treatment plan is as unique as you are.

With Kaylee, you’re not just getting a physiotherapist; you’re getting a dedicated healthcare partner.


  • Master of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science
  • Sports Physiotherapist
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Level 1 Sports Trainer

Professional Bodies

AHPRA & APA (Australia)


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