Gregory Smith

Physiotherapist Abbeville Road, Clapham SW4

Gregory Smith is a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist renowned for his hands-on expertise in diverse clinical, hospital, and private practice settings across South Africa and London. He holds a prestigious Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from the esteemed University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he honed his skills by working in some of the most challenging and demanding physiotherapy environments.

Gregory’s career has been marked by exceptional experiences. He supported numerous sporting events, including the Comrades Marathon, and has worked closely with internationally acclaimed rugby players, effectively addressing their sports injuries.

With a remarkable track record of successful outcomes, Gregory Smith has proven his expertise in managing an array of patient conditions, including musculoskeletal disorders, orthopaedic rehabilitation, sports injuries, and chronic pain. His unique ability to conduct comprehensive assessments enables him to tailor customised treatment plans that optimise functional outcomes and accelerate recovery.

Beyond his professional achievements, Gregory has a genuine passion for advancing his knowledge and skills in physiotherapy. As a testament to his commitment, he has pursued online diplomas and certifications with esteemed organisations like FIFA and the World Rugby Association, aligning his interests with his professional pursuits.

Gregory Smith’s dedication to his patients and continuous pursuit of excellence make him an invaluable asset in physiotherapy. His compassionate approach, combined with his extensive experience and expertise, ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care, facilitating their journey towards improved health and enhanced well-being.

Alongside physiotherapy, Gregory also offers exercise and rehabilitation, shockwave therapy and sports massage appointments at our Clapham clinic.

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More about Physiotherapist Gregory Smith

Physiotherapist Gregory Smith is a remarkable therapist whose unique perspective sets him apart in inpatient rehabilitation. Having personally undergone a challenging recovery journey after fracturing both his elbows two years ago, he gained invaluable first-hand insight into the psychosocial aspects of the healing process.

While physio Gregory has always had a natural inclination towards a hands-on approach to physical rehabilitation and wellness, his professional journey has further emphasised the significance of a holistic view. He believes that open communication with his patients is as vital as the treatments themselves, considering the therapeutic journey as a collaborative effort. Gregory strives to communicate in a way that empowers patients to comprehend their conditions fully, equipping them with the necessary tools to participate in their recovery for optimal outcomes actively.

Driven by a passion for progress in physiotherapy, Gregory is fascinated by the evolution of treatment techniques and the discipline’s changing landscape. He embraces new understandings and methodologies that promise more specific patient outcomes, continuously seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills.

Gregory’s experiences with lower limb injuries, particularly the knee, have fueled his interest in this area of physiotherapy. As a sports enthusiast, he maintains an active lifestyle, participating in cricket, football, golf, touch rugby, and action netball, ensuring that he stays deeply connected to the world of sports and exercise.

After completing his four-year Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree, Gregory’s journey led him to work in various challenging healthcare environments. He spent time in a government hospital in South Africa, where he rotated between intensive care, neuro rehabilitation, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal outpatients, and cardio and respiratory care. He then moved to the UK and gained valuable experience working in a COVID rehabilitation unit before following his passion for sports injuries and joining a private clinic.

Throughout his career, Gregory’s quest to find the ideal work environment led him to settle in South West London, drawn by the vibrant community and accessible social sports opportunities. Over the last year and a half, he has been an integral part of South West London’s NHS Musculoskeletal outpatient team. Collaborating with hydrotherapy teams, fibromyalgia groups, and extended scope practitioners in one-stop upper limb and lower limb clinics, Gregory has continually demonstrated his dedication to helping patients recover and regain their optimal physical well-being.


  • 2015-2019 | Bachelors Physiotherapy – University of Pretoria
  • 2020 l FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

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