Issy Scobie

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Issy is an experienced osteopath whose practice is deeply informed by her background in yoga. This enables her to offer tailored guidance to patients recovering from injuries or striving to improve their overall health and fitness. She believes movement is essential for health and aims to make this a joyful reality for her patients.

Her expertise includes managing lower back pain, addressing sciatic symptoms, treating chronic musculoskeletal conditions, and practising cranial osteopathy. Issy specialises in supporting patients’ training for various athletic events and integrates their bodily systems to foster an inherent awareness of their health. This holistic approach not only supports recovery but also enhances overall well-being, helping patients achieve and maintain optimum health.

More About Osteopath Issy

Originally from a quaint apple farm near London, Issy has been living in the city for the past decade. Her initial foray into the health sciences began with a history degree in Edinburgh, which included a transformative year in Canada, where she first discovered yoga. This sparked her interest in body mechanics and health, leading her to teach yoga full-time in various settings, including prestigious locations like the Sky Garden in London. However, a personal injury introduced her to osteopathy, and she felt compelled to pursue it professionally.

Issy’s training at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, coupled with recognition as a Rising Star by the Institute of Osteopathy, underscores her commitment and passion in her field. Through her unique blend of yoga and osteopathy, Issy provides effective, personalized care that empowers her patients towards sustained health and well-being.


  • General Osteopathic Council

Professional Bodies

MOst. (BCOM, 2023)


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