George Hill

Podiatrist and Chiropodist

George graduated from the University of Northampton with a bachelor’s degree in Podiatric medicine. He started his Podiatry career in the private sector to deliver expert care, a wealth of knowledge and a friendly caring attitude. George has thousands of hours of clinical experience, where he is well equipped to assess and diagnose many lower limb conditions. Whether they may be relating to complex biomechanical issues, dermatological skin conditions or expert routine care.

He consults with us as a biomechanical podiatrist, working on the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic foot and ankle pain. Providing routine nail and callus care along with medical pedicures that relax and revitalize tired feet. And completing nail surgery to remove ingrown nails, fungal and damaged or traumatised nails.

George is HCPC-registered and a member of the College of Podiatrists, with a license to administer local anaesthetic in order to undertake minor surgical procedures, prescribe and advise on POMs and perform mobilisation/massage techniques, to patients in need.

“My main interests lie in treating biomechanical injuries of the lower limb and foot. I take a patient-focused approach and a detailed history coupled with relevant assessments to diagnose and treat conditions. I am always looking to expand my bio-mechanical scope of practice and take on new challenges, having successfully diagnosed and treated many difficult and obscure complaints of foot pain I am certain I can help my patients achieve the result they want!” “I know my way around a medical pedicure too; if you’re looking for a more relaxed but informative routine treatment.”

George offers all aspects of Podiatry and Chiropody including:

– Nail care, treatment and advice, verrucae, corns and callous
– Insole and Orthotics
– Nail Surgery
– Medical Pedicure
– Massage and mobilisation

George is available at Nordic Balance Abbeville Road on Monday’s 8am – 8pm and Saturday’s 9am-3pm. Book a podiatry appointment with George at Nordic Balance Abbeville Road online.


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