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Book a Podiatry Appointment Online

If you would like to receive Podiatry through your health insurance then please ensure you’ve received an authorisation number from your insurance company prior to making a booking. For insurance clients, please contact us on or call the office on 0208 922 0495 to book in.

For non-insurance patients, please book a Podiatry appointment via our online booking platform below. Our prices are as follows: Initial Assessment- £85, Chiropody- £60, Biomechanical Assessment- £85, Medical Pedicure- £85, Nail Surgery- £300, Orthotics- £350

Not sure which therapy is right for you?

We all have our expertise and ours is understanding your body. If you are unsure about which
therapy is right for you or you simply wish to ask us a question please get in touch.

Together we will support & encourage you to lead a fitter, healthier and more balanced life.