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Podiatry & Chiropody Treatments
Abbeville Road SW4

If you are experiencing any pain in your toes, feet, ankles, or lower limbs, then it is likely you need to see a Podiatrist for assessment and diagnosis.
If you are planning to obtain treatment through your health insurance company, please contact them to authorise the treatment, and provide you with an authorisation number. Provide this authorisation number at the time of booking your initial assessment.


Initial Assessment


Medical Pedicure





Orthotics Fitting





Nail Surgery


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Looking for something specific?

We also offer Sports Massage, as well as a range of natural therapies including Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Shockwave Therapy. Simply click on the links below to find the right option for you.

Not sure which therapy is right for you?

We all have our expertise and ours is understanding your body. If you are unsure about which
therapy is right for you or you simply wish to ask us a question please get in touch.

Together we will support & encourage you to lead a fitter, healthier and more balanced life.